Beginning Play
Just like good books didn't go out of fashion when motion pictures were invented, many of us are of the opinion that good text-based games have a place to stay. If you want to play right away, click here, to see how to connect to Lowlands.
One of the most important things is to learn how to use the help system, which you may access on the game by typing help. The help system of Lowlands is fairly detailed and complete.
Creating a Character
For your first character, we would suggest you try a Marauder or Illusionist. We do not recommend a Gladiator or Necromancer for a first character. You may want to decide this in advance, so that an appropriate name can be chosen.
When creating a new character, the login screen will ask that you type NEW. You may then enter your character name. You will then be asked to choose a password.
Yes please.
Or select whether you would like your character to be Male or Female.
You will next be asked to select a race. More information on races can be found here.
You will then choose what class you wish to play (class availability is dependent upon the race you select). More information on classes can be found here.
Completing Character Creation
Now it is just a matter of accepting one of the character rolls that appear when you hit "enter".
Tower of Training
All new characters start in the Tower of Training.
There are a three quests in the Tower of Training. Explore and listen to what is told to you.
Obelisk and Chakkor Square
The obelisk can be found in the Temple north from Chakkor Square. It holds ancient magics allowing young adventurers to quickly travel to some interesting low level areas. (TYPE: look obelisk - for a list).
Make sure to buy some recall scrolls w,w,n from Chakkor Square and set your recall in Chakkor, when you go out to explore on your own. To set your recall: TYPE: recall set, in the area you wish to set it. To set your death room: TYPE: death set, in the area you wish to set it.
Holy Grove
After you first leave the Tower of Training, and after you have bought some recall scrolls, you might want to visit Holy Grove. Start by killing weeds (and be careful of bees!) There are a few useful quests in Holy Grove. Don't be afraid to explore.
God Following
At level 10 one can follow either Chaos or Order, following a God is not advised for new players since you can be killed by players of the opposing faction.
Helpful Hints
If you are a spellcaster, make sure you practice a damage spell as soon as possible.
If you are a fighter, practice a fighting skill as soon as possible (EX: backstab, parry, second attack).
Try to remember, before levelling, to get your wis (wisdom) and con (constitution) at the maximum possible level. Wis, among other things, affects the number of practices you gain per level. Con, also among other things, affects the number of hit points you gain per level.
Most of all, explore, use your imagination, your heart and your head. Have fun. And don't be afraid to ask questions.
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