About classes
There are eight classes to choose from in Lowlands.
Elementalists are the magic wielders who excel in the protective, elemental, and natural magics. Though not as strong when it comes to offensive magic as other spell casters, their protective magic makes them a good companion for a group of adventurers exploring the realms.
Gladiators are deadly fighters, feared for their ability to deal hazardous damage in their opening round of combat. Gladiators might be difficult for players new to Lowlandss due to the fact that they gain most of their strength at higher level and from equipment.
Illusionists are the supreme offensive magic wielders who excel in brute magical destruction. Being weak in the beginning of their lives, they grow stronger once they have mastered their magical abilities.
The marauder is a dark character which makes use of many skills often deemed improper by the rest of society. They are known to haunt the darkest roads and alleys. The skills of the marauder reflect his way of life, be it sneaking, peeking into others' inventories, picking locks, or attacking from behind with deadly backstabs. It all sprang forth from the dirty city streets.
A Monk is a healer who prefers to fight bare handed. Though neither a strong fighter or magic wielder, their protective and healing abilities make them invaluable to a combat party of several players.
Necromancers are the most scholarly of the greater schools of magic, and have spent millenia furthering the knowledge of their guild. As a result, they have at their control some of the most powerful spells in the realms.
Ninjas are the members of the darkest profession, and are generally shunned by the more reputable members of society. They learn the art of killing while unseen, and have developed many skills to aid them in their ability to strike when least expected.
A Ranger is the outdoorsman and adventurous free spirit of the times. A self-sufficent person, the warrior is adaptable and can survive in almost any locale. Skilled with weapons and able to utilize some of the finest armor available, a warrior is physically skilled enough to take on most any foe.
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