Lowlands is a free real-time multi-player adventure text game featuring a large imaginative medieval fantasy world.
A text game?!? - you must be thinking? Just like good books didn't go out of fashion when the television was invented, many of us are of the opinion that good text-based interactive fiction games have a place to stay. Unfortunately we have no George Martin or J.K. Rowling to write content for us so you'll be reading amateur fiction. You'll however find that Lowlands has a lot in common with modern graphical MMOs like World of Warcraft and the text medium has several advantages that has allowed us to create an interesting game world that in some ways is far more advanced and entertaining than graphical MMOs.
The game can be played with the telnet client that comes shipped with most operating systems and doesn't require the installation of any software. To start playing right away click the 'play now' link in the bottom right corner.
Feel free to browse through the site to learn more about Lowlands.
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